Neighbors on the Mount, Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh, PA
Neighbors on the Mount is . . . A Mount Washington volunteer action group of residents and businesses focused on improving the quality of life, public safety, and community connections for this beautiful, unique neighborhood.
Public Safety
The Public Safety Core Team Committee of Neighbors on the Mount attends monthly open meetings at Zone 3 Station to report any key criminal activity and receive important updates. Their goal is to be the voice of the neighborhood with the local police force. This committee is currently working on the purchase ov video cameras to be placed throughout Mount Washington, and working with local businesses to ensure a safe business district. They assure that a police spokesperson is in attendance for all Neighbors on the Mount quarterly public meetings to pass on information and answer questions. This committee takes on the responsibility of educating all neighbors on the imprtance of public safety, including when and who to call for help. They have helped organize select Block Watch in areas where there is persistent trouble. The Public Safety Core Team works with Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith to ensure two-way open communications between our neighborhood and the city.
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Public Safety
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